Dr Elena Arsova

Dr Elena Arsova, is a specialist in trichology and the CEO of Hair Clinic Balkan, with work experience od 12 years in the field of trichology and management.
Dr Elena Arsova has established Hair Clinic Balkan, with the goal to become the leader on the Balkan in the field of hair treatments and hair restauration surgery. Based on her knowledge, experience and continued education, dr Elena has implemented new methods for hair treatment, advanced the diagnostic methods and set new medical protocols for the treatments.

Her membership in the European Hair Research Society, is of priceless value for continuous education and opening horizons for new treatment possibilities that will be beneficial for the patient. The direct approach to research studies on hair and hair treatments, as well as the experience sharing with the doctors-researchers in the society, enables the methods that she chooses and implements in Hair Clinic Balkan to be contemporary and proven in their efficiency, and the protocols are alwаys “up to date” with the novelties in trichology.

The cooperation with the Ukrainian Hair Research Society, Institute of Trichologists in London and World Trichology Society in New York, is highly important as it allows following the trends in those regions, because often the european and american approach in treatments is different regarding the priorities.

The extensive work and highly valued education with the plastic and reconstructive surgeon dr Ozge Ergun in Istanbul, enabled her to directly study the complete procedure of transplantation of hair, beard and eyebrows as well as following the trends in hair microsurgery.

Except the theoretical knowledge, through these cooperations, the 12 year practical work with patients is of great importance, not only because of the gained knowledge in implementation of different diagnostic and therapeutic methods, but also in understanding the patient on psychological and emotional level and understanding the needs and wishes of the patients.

Additionally to the work as a trichologist, the continuous work in management is irreplaceable experience and knowledge do set great principles for uncompromised functioning of the team and company and also to choose exceptional medical professionals.

From 2006 to 2011, dr Arsova was medical manager of Dr Vais in Skopje and from 2012 to 2019 medical manager of 101HairCare in Skopje.

HAIR CLINIC Balkan, is a sublimation of knowledge and experience in both trichology and management with the goal to provide for the patients the best diagnostic, nonsurgical and surgical treatments for hair that are currently available in the world, to ensure an exceptional medical team and established patient service system.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but habit.

Dr Milena Stanojevic

Dr Milena Stanojevic, is a specialist in trichology, dedicated to perfecting the diagnostics and treatments for hair.

The continuous education in dermoscopic diagnostics with Aram Huvis videodermoscope, gave her skills to quickly and precisely diagnose the hair loss problem and to determine the stage and degree of hair loss. The exact diagnosis is essential for further successful treatment.

The education in  trichology was the theoretic basis for studying the characteristics and patterns of different forms of hair loss, as well as their eastern methods for treatment.

With the training courses in the field of LLLT, dr Milena learned not only the action mechanisms of low level laser therapy on the hair follicle level, but also the parameters for the laser energy that should be applied in order to get results.

The education and practical course in application of carboxytherapy with the innovator dr Roberto Parmigiani, helped dr Milena in perfecting the hair treatments. With the knowledge she gained during , she upgraded the hair treatments adding carboxytherapy in the protocols and thus sovling the low blood circulation in hair loss scalp.

Dr Milena, promoted and developed the microneedling mesotherapy in hair treatments, with new modern protocols. For the first time, this type of mesotherapy was implemented in the hair treatments and all thanks to dr Milena, who not only set the treatment protocols but also educated the patients in the benefits of this treatment.

Her education with Regen Lab and dr Ozge Ergun, continues with application of PRP in hair treatments, but again the protocols are upgraded and combined with other methods. Except for different hair loss problems, our clinic implements PRP in hair transplantation too.

The newest method for stimulation of the hair growth is scalp threading, and dr Milena has already mastered the treatment with one of the best trainers in the field of meso threads, dr Nejat Can. Implementation of this method will revolutionize the approach in treating the hair loss, and dr Milena will educate the patients on this method.

The experience and knowledge of dr Stanojevic, allowed the patients to quickly and easily gain trust, and to have wonderful cooperation and at the end results as they expected. Her approach to patients is professional and correct, and after the examination always chooses the treatments that would be most beneficial for the patient.

With the her work in trichology, both clinical and PR activities, she contributed to the development and popularization of the clinic. With her love and dedication to patients, she managed to change the attitude of patients about hair loss and also raise the level of awareness of hair loss. She educated the patients to come for hair examination, and informed them that the hair loss can be successfully treated , and that the new treatment methods allow results that were not possible before. Her work and contribution to the development of trichology in Serbia is priceless.

Dr Milosh Stanojevic

Andrijana Apostolovič, medical triho-therapist

Andrijana Apostolovič, is a medical nurse and triho-therapist with experience of over 5 years in the field of trichology.

Training in implementing ultrasound wave therapy, high frequency, oxygen jet treatment, spa treatments etc. have given her the basics to choose the most adequate treatment for the patient according to his scalp condition.

Not only did she acquire the treatment protocols , but also based on her experience , she created new treatment protocols for dandruff, oily scalp and dry, brittle hair.

The medical nurse Andrijana, in the past 5 years of work experience in trichology has learned the ingredients of different cosmetic hair products, starting from haircare products , through products for hair thickness to products for gray hair. The work with organic and medical cosmetics, have enabled her to advise patients what is best for their hair.

The training and education in the field of hair transplantation, are basics for the adequate postoperative care of patients after hair surgery. Not only did she successfully implemented the postoperative protocols but also she adopted them according to the scalp condition allowing ideal care. As a result of her care, the patient and the hair recovers fast and the new hair growth begins earlier.
With understanding the patient on psychological and emotional level, the medical nurse Andrijana has managed to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for the patient during the treatment and to ensure the patient feels safe and comfortable in our clinic. She used her knowledge and experience to patiently and devotedly give all the necessary information that the patients need. In that way, the patient gains trust not only in the doctors-trichologists, but in the whole team and the overall functioning of the clinic, starting from phone consultation, through examination to treatment.