The perception of hair loss could be associated with psychologic stress and reduced quality of life. However, many people do not recognize the hair loss until they are diagnosed in trichology clinics, which is sometimes too late for optimal results in hair treatment.
Our specialized medical team has focused its activities, through social media, TV and written media, to educate the patients in recognizing the first signs of hair loss and to differentiate the normal from pathological hair loss. Timely diagnosis of the hair loss, allows the possibility to completely regenerate the hair using sufficient methods.

Our mission initially is to change the attitude about hair loss. There is nothing embarrassing about hair loss and it is not embarrassing to want to look and feel better. As the celebrities started to openly speak about their hair loss, and as we inform that the incidence of hair loss is very high and everyone can experience hair loss, the public opinion started to change slowly. Our observation is that more men and women are asking for trichologic examination in our clinic, because they realize that they are not alone with hair loss and that they should ask for a solution to the problem. Restoring the lost hair, means restoring the self confidence and improving the quality of life.

Furthermore, our goal is to inform the patients that not only there are solutions for hair regrowth but they constantly advance, and we follow up the current trends. We devotedly present to our patients the new methods for hair growth, the mechanism of their action and the way those methods help that in hair restoration. The hair regrowth methods that we use are clinically and scientifically proven in their efficiency, with precise numeric result data. Except the progress in clinical treatments, the hair transplantation has reached new heights as a result of updating the FUE method and surgical techniques. Through detailed patient briefing about the novelties in hair transplantation, we changed the perception about hair surgery and we acknowledged that the new methods allow completely natural look of the transplanted hair.

However, our goal, is not only to enable results in hair regrowth for our patients and restore their hair primary state. We also educate our patients to properly nourish their hair and to continue to correctly treat their hair. Our guidance helps them to further maintain the health and beauty of their hair.