PDO treatment ( scalp threading ) with the world famous educator for PDO threads d-r Nejat Can in Istanbul. The correct application of the threads in the scalp is essential for good stimulation and successful hair growth so d-r Elena Arsova and d-r Milena Stanojević have mastered the treatment.
Only a few experts in the whole world, implement this method for hair growth. And the Hair Clinic Balkan team, is among the first clinics that offer this treatment. PDO treatment enhances the anagen induction in the hair follicles and cell proliferation in the hair bulbus which results hair growth and improvement of hair thickness

Considering its long-lasting and proliferating potentials, PDO treatment can be considered to be a good alternative for the treatment of patients with alopecia.
At 12 weeks, all patients had appreciable degree of increase in hair counts, confirmed with investigator-evaluated improvement in GPI (40%-75%; average of 57%) , trichoscopic hair count increment (48-93 HFU/cm2; average of 67HFU/cm2).