D-r Elena Arsova, attended an educational and training course about micro FUE hair transplantation, with the surgeon in plastic and reconstructive surgery d-r Ozge Ergun in Istanbul.
Hair restoration surgery has developed into a highly sophisticated subspecialty that offers significant relief to patients with hair loss. The results of contemporary hair restoration are natural, enduring, and are performed with a very high level of patient satisfaction.

Micro Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE ) is a modern highly sophisticated surgical hair restoration procedure.
The micro FUE method is based on the use of thin needles (with a diameter of between 0.6-0.8mm) and a micro motor. The healthy follicular units found on the nape and the side areas of the head are targeted. The targeted units are removed one by one without causing harm using thin, hollow needles with a diameter of between 0.6-0.8 mm attached to a micro motor. Thanks to grafts with smaller volume collected with thin needles, natural looking hair transplants that are as dense as desired can be done.